The Top Sales Compensation Consulting Firms in the United States


By ZenCentiv

Aug 10, 2022

Let’s face it, sales compensation is complex. Yes, the right sales commission software is key to automating your sales comp structure.

But what if you need an outside consulting firm to peek under the hood and assess your current sales compensation plan? That’s where sales compensation consultants come in.


Below are some of the best sales compensation consulting firms in the US:

Alexander group

1. The Alexander Group

Founded in 1985, Alexander Group has helped thousands of clients realize the full benefits of effective sales compensation programs to attract, retain and reward best-in-class sales talent to profitably grow the business.

The firm provides a structured, analytical approach to its project work. Their expert leaders help companies assess, align, design and implement powerful sales compensation programs. Alexander Group also conducts ongoing research and surveys on the topics of sales productivity and sales compensation, regularly publishing articles and books including, Sales Compensation Perspectives Sales Compensation Almanac and Compensating The Sales Force.

2. Better Sales Comp Consultants (BSC)

Better Sales Comp Consultants was founded by Clinton Gott and Ted Briggs in 2009 after decades spent in both boutique and larger consulting firms such as The Alexander Group and WTW. The Los Angeles and Chicago-based BSC team members provide specialized consulting services that create better sales compensation programs and enhanced sales effectiveness solutions.

Alexander group

Their unique engagement delivery model only features industry veterans with 22 to 35 years of experience, working in a high touch, flexible, and collaborative consulting model. BSC’s design philosophy leverages cross-industry best practices applied pragmatically to each unique client situation.

Alexander group

3. SalesGlobe

Based in Atlanta, SalesGlobe offers their 5 step sales compensation design process:

  • Understand C-Level goals and align sales to meet those goals
  • Focus the comp plan with pay, pay mix, and potential upside
  • Connect incentive compensation with quotas, priorities, measures, timing, and more
  • Focus your sales team and financials with goals and sales quotas
  • Operate accordingly and update the program through continuous measurement

Additionally, SalesGlobe is known as an industry leader. Founder and Managing Partner, Mark Donnolo wrote a helpful book called "What Your CEO Needs To Know About Sales Compensation."

4. The Brevet Group

The Brevet Group is a mid-sized consulting firm with a focus on Sales Compensation Plan Design. They’ve worked with SaaS Startups to Fortune 500 clients. Their methodology addresses 4 key parts: structure, plan design, operations, and administration.

Alexander group
  • The structure portion looks at the revenue model, role design, on-target earnings, and pay mix.
  • In the plan design phase, you can expect them to look at KPIs, mechanics, accelerators, and multipliers.
  • At the operations level, Brevet plans sales quota structure, quota retirement, crediting, and new hire/ramp up.
  • During the sales comp plan administration phase, Brevet is focused on communication, plan documents, governance issues, and the sales management process
Alexander group

5. Korn Ferry

With a workforce of over 10,000 people, Korn Ferry is a big name in the business consulting industry. Their sales compensation offering includes features such as sales compensation design with a focus on aligning plans with your overall business strategy. They also focus on benchmarking rewards and benefits, looking to understand key differences between your top and average performers.

Korn Ferry has access to a wide range of industry data and insights so you can expect unique, data-driven solutions.

6. Bain & Company

As one of the big three management consulting firms, it's no surprise thatBain & Company advises senior leadership at the enterprise level about sales compensation strategy. Using proven methodologies and outside-in benchmarks to review the best options for you and your team, Bain & Companies creates plans designed to motivate your sales reps to hit their quotas.

Alexander group
Alexander group

7. Deloitte

Deloitte Consulting’s Sales Compensation Strategy practice assists companies with their global sales compensation needs. Their experience covers multiple industries and sectors, which includes global and regional compensation expertise and sales compensation design, strategy through full scale implementation.

With 300+ Practitioners in over 20 countries, Deloitte has the 2nd largest dedicated global Sales Effectiveness practice. They serve sectors such as B2B, consumer products, industrial, distribution, services and high tech. They have done extensive work in sales compensation plan assessments, design, benchmarking, and implementation.

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